How to make money through trading without experience?

Do you think it is possible to make money through trading on the forex and stock markets through trading with zero experience?  Of course it is possible and it is possible and with small risk. There is always risk and for the new traders the risk is always bigger. The lack of training, experience and knowledge could lead to risking way to much in only one single trade.  So how can anyone trade with zero experience and be still profitable? The answer is easy let the others do it for you!!!

In the past few years trading have changed a lot. Now you can find in internet all of the needed information from basics to professional advises in internet. But still it takes time to learn, to train and to find your methods. So to save you some time and money, because you will lose money during the learning process thats for sure. You can let other more experience traders trade for you.

There is a thing called copy trading, where you choose a trader and once that guy opens a trade you open the same trade automatically. When he close the trade you close it as well- automatically. Simple right?

The advantages is of the copy trading is the fact that you can choose to copy some really experienced traders, who were trading for the last 10-20 years. SO IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN TRADING IN NO TIME - this is the way. You can say as well that these traders work for you.

There are a lot of copytrading websites out there, but today I want to talk about eToro. I think this is the most popular and from my experience the best one. eToro is not a simple copytrading platform it is more like a social media for traders. Not only you can copy other people, but you can trade yourself and discuss with other traders the market.

So how much money you can make from coping others? It depends on the traders and the risk of course. There are traders who make some consistent profit of 2-4% per month with a minimum risk. There are traders with slightly higher risk making 10-20% per month.  It is up to you and the risk you are willing to take.  Below you can find some of the top traders and the profit they make for the last year. Not bad right?

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