AMD - Technical Analysis 2/27/2018

New day, new idea! Lets check on the AMD stock price and do a quick technical analysis based on the monthly pivot points along with the Ichimoku cloud and the MAs.
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AMD is one of these companies, which got affected by the cryptocurrency boom. It has so much field of development, so I think it is worth to look into it. First lets check on the daily chart.

Currently the price is 12,45$, which is over the Ichimoku cloud. There is even a nice rebound on the cloud, which is a really good bullish signal on the trend.  Looking at the 200 MA (12.26$), the last candle from 2/26 closed over it, which is another strong bullish signal.  So we decided that currently the trend and the momentum are bullish, lets find a good entry point.  We will use the pivot points from monthly chart, using the February candle.

R2 R1 PP S1 S2
midpoint midpoint midpoint midpoint
15.51 14.74 13.96 13.13 12.3 11.53 10.75 9.92 9.09

Currently the price is over the PP level, which is another bullish indicator.  Looking at the chart I think a good entry positions are the midpoints between the PP level.  Both of the levels were acting as strong resistance and support in the past and should act the same this time as well.  Good exit point, would be the next pivot point level.

Please note that this is my view of the market and you should trade responsibly.